Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Hello

Every year, usually two weeks before Christmas, I gather up my energies and begin designing our Holiday Hello.  We began this tradition in 2006 as our Christmas card to friends and family near and far.

For you, it is a snapshot of our lives: what we did, what we're doing, and a slight sprinkle of what we're going to do.  For us, it has become a chronicle of sorts, a 4-page history of our year.

As I begin to put together the Holiday Hello, I search for appropriate pictures to include; I never feel like I have enough.  Do you ever feel that way?  Sure, we have large clusters of pictures around significant events like birthdays, summer vacation and trips, but we have a dearth of images from regular life.  We hope you enjoy scanning the faces and the smiles.

What struck me the most was that 2011 was a year of travel.  We once again returned to beautiful Mexico, I attended a conference in Philadelphia, Heather spent time expanding her yoga horizons in California, the two of us joined Claude and Tiffany for an unforgettable weekend in New York City (which we LOVED!), and we did a grand driving tour in August going from the Crowsnest Pass through Montana and up into Saskatchewan.

As you look back at the covers of the Holiday Hello from the past few years you see the boys growing up.  Ben seemed to really sprout in 2011.  Dylan discovered the joy of reading and of having a peach fuzz mustache.  Ben is now older than Dylan was in 2006 when we started this annual tradition.

Heather is healthier than ever and I am a shadow of my former self.  Her business is prospering, my jobs still inspire and challenge.  Life is good.

Click here to read the 2011 Holiday Hello
From all of us to all of you, the best of the season, and our hopes that you have a prosperous, healthy and happy New Year.

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