Sunday, May 15, 2011

Meeting Ms. Bogart

Heather has been away for 9 days now, attending a yoga workshop in Santa Barbara, California led by Erich Schiffmann. An important part of her practice is the educational piece, learning new techniques, honing her skills. This has been a great opportunity for her and she’s been having a blast. The warm weather, lovely people, vibrant markets and stunning beaches have provided her with an excellent experience.

She was having lunch the other day when she sent me a text message.

“I’m having lunch with Erich’s wife,” she began.

“You’ll never guess who she is?”

“I have no idea,” I texted back.

“Leslie Bogart,” she wrote. “The daughter of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

Well, how cool is that? Wow! Apparently, like Susan (Wagner), Ms. Bacall is recovering from hip surgery.

So now there are only three degrees of separation between you and two of the biggest stars in history. Isn’t that fun?

Heather makes the long trip home tomorrow, eager to get back home to her beautiful tulips and her boys. Next, my mom and dad will drive up from water-logged Saskatchewan to spend a week in Fort McMurray. It’ll be great to see them! They’ll hang out with Dylan and Ben toward the end of the week while Heather and I go on a weekend trip to NYC with Claude and Tiffany – our first couples getaway.

Have a great week!

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